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My name is Pat Brady and I am Trinity Renovations. With over 30 years of experience in renovations; working with other businesses and independently, I have acquired a vast amount of knowledge in this field. This experience is displayed when I am talking to potential clients as we walk our way through their project or idea.
"Getting it right
the first time is important and defines our commitment to you."
Listening to my client's needs is critical. I am able to visualize what a client wants in three dimensions. This ability allows me to guide and assist the client with planning, address issues regarding structure and building code and target potential problems up front.
Who We Are
Trinity Renovations gives you the option to purchase the supplies for your project. In this way, you can see the actual cost of materials and have more control of the overall price for the project. A detailed material list will be put together, which can be prioritized for each stage.
There is a difference between saying what a company can do and being able to deliver. For me, it isn't done if it's not done right. My goal is to go beyond your expectations. The most rewarding part of a job is that look on a client's face, at the end of each stage. The “WOW” moment is satisfaction in a job well done.
"The most gratifying part of a job is the Wow! moment; the look on the client's face. Satisfaction in a job well done.
The Trinity Renovations name came about when I was thinking of my three lovely little daughters. They also remind me how important it is work areas get cleaned up and nothing left out that might bring them into harms way. That same standard applies to your home.
There is, after all, "No right way to do the wrong thing."
A Family Orientated Business Serving The Niagara Peninsula
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